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FWS Series Console Desk

FWS Series Console Desk

  1. Made by modular Sheet metal structure, stable and reliable.
  2. Open front design, allows user to control device directly.
  3. Quick-release rear doors reduced opening radius and easier to cabling.
  4. Track wall made by 6063T5 aluminum extrusion, monitor holders can be adjusted by moving left and right with the track.
  5. Monitor arms are available from 1-3 monitors.
  6. The side panels made from 3mm powder-coated steel plate, customize LOGO engraving available.
FWS Console Desk

The main structure of FWS series made from steel plate and 6063T5 aluminum extrusion.
Modular design can chain console desks for different sizes according environment space requirement.
Depth of racks can be optioned according to device depth, and the front blank panels between devices
instead doors allowed users to switch controllers more directly and convenience.


Users can configure monitors from 1-3 screens according to actual requirement. Monitor arms can adjust the front-rear distance, up-down,
and inclination arbitrarily to meet the human engineering for different users, thereby increasing comfort under long-term use.

Aluminum Extrusion Track

The aluminum extrusion track not only increase structural strength, but also can
be equipped with modular accessories, such as monitor arms, lamps, etc.

Open Equipping Space

Open lower space allows users to switch devices in the cabinet more directly without open/close doors. the storage space not only can install 19" devices but also allow PC tower placement. blanking panels can cover spaces between devices for better shape and storage.

Rear Doors

According to the monitoring consoles may against a wall or only small space reserved in the rear side, a quick-release rear door design is used to reduce the turning radius required to open doors without tools, easier to cabling and maintenance.