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Track-Wall Consoles

Network Operation Center Furniture

  • Network Operation Center Furniture
  • Network Operation Center Furniture
  • Network Operation Center Furniture
  1. Single modular cabinets designed, which can be combined freely to meets the Site constraints.
  2. Hidden cable managements, easy to manage without order-less wires, and creates safer working environment.
  3. All accessories can be settled perfectly with Aluminum extrusion back wall.
  4. Spacious desktop creates more comfortable working experience.
  5. Back doors can be released for easier equipment’s maintenance.
  6. Customized with multiple materials and modern colors.
  7. Mounting Post processed according to ANSI/EIA RS-310-C/D.
Track-Wall Consoles

TW series monitoring consoles also made up of A6N01S-T5 aluminum frame to enhance strength and stability and take single form be the main structure. It can increase the single form connection quantity according to users’ demand and combine the back aluminum extrusion, TW accessories can lock on the rail of back aluminum extrusion unrestricted to increase accessories’ flexibility.


Ergonomics is the highest important ring for modern industrial product design and applied for facilities in our daily life. Designing of EMAX console desk is based on the user experience and aimed at reduce the discomfort of long time working, we break through the trouble that structure and comfort cannot be coexist. We create more comfortable and convenient environment to make our users to increase working efficiency. EMAX has sufficient experience of consoles and develop a series of ergonomics product plan now. We trust that EMAX products will bring greatest satisfaction to our customer in different application fields.

- For Station Tops and Side Panels.

"Colors" is full of our lives; living environment is easy to be influenced by the surrounding colors, so the appliance of colors have a pivotal position. The use of "color" is ofen the first thing to occupy the visual experience, the correct use of the psychological effects of environmental color enables to achieve a multiplier effect of work efficiency. EMAX provide multivariate colors, with can also convey their spirit of enterprise and corporate image.

Service and Design

Tel-communication/ TV station/ Aviation/ Airport/ Chemical/ Financial/ Public safety/ Production and operation control/ Petroleum and natural gas/ Military security/ Government/ Power control console desk ...
All have modular or configuration customized design and manufacturing.